Tellering & Collections


Our Frontline Crew© of Professional Tellers and Frontliners can be the face to your customers at all touch points in your business  offices to render service that is friendly, professional and trustworthy.


We provide full end-to-end solutions - from hiring to training to transaction management to reporting - so you can focus on your core business of generating sales and profits.

Frontline Services


You can outsource to us some of your customer service functions so you can deliver better   customer service, improve operational efficiencies and reduce your costs.

Frontline Academy


Our Frontline Academy©'s unique and focused training programs produce Professional Frontliners and Tellers ready to work for companies who value excellent customer service.


Through the Frontline Academy©, we are able to provide employment opportunities to qualified young Filipinos.

Testing Services


We offer Testing Services so we can screen your teller applicants and employees to meet your hiring and placement requirements.


We also offer other services as may be required by clients to support their operations and customer service functions. At Customer Frontline Solutions, we always strive to meet our clients' needs to truly provide worry-free customer service solutions.